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Jordanís Gumstix Robot Project

Bringing LEON to life...

Photo Gallery

Meijer special Shop Force Cordless Drills! Props to Shop Force for making cheap drills!! Letís hope they last longer than a week!


I took one apart and the other one I am actually using as a drill for now. It has actually come in handy.


Here is the motor and the gearbox from the drill I took apart. I looked at the gears and they are actually metal too, not plastic.


This is the plastic part that the battery plugs in to. I am going to mount these to the base of the robot so the batteries can be taken out easily for recharging.


Here is the battery from the drill. Itís pretty big and heavy but itís cool that each drill comes with two of these.† The batteries are labeled 18.0 volts but this is a LIE! They are actually 19.958 Volts according to my voltmeter!


Here is my homemade TV stand turned into my robot workbench. And yes, the beer helps to steady my soldering hand! Check out my sweet Black and Decker Soldering Iron, 19 dollar Target special.

The Gumstix, Tweener, RoboAudio.

These are the H-Bridge chips. LMD18200. I bolted them onto an old computer heat sink to help dissipate the heat. Because of their pin layout they wonít plug into a standard bread board so I needed somewhere to mount them.†

The wall charger that comes with the drills.

The start of LEON.

The Gumstix on top, Tweener in the middle, and the RoboAudio on the bottom, and a penny.